How to use TW CLI

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How to use TW CLI

TW_CLI is a CLI tool for 3Ware RAID cards configuration. It provides in-depth control, various RAID configurations, monitoring and general tweaking of the present devices.

The following are a few examples of some useful commands.

You can either invoke the tool by 1. inserting tw_cli followed by enter or 2. run the commands directly by including the tw_cli as the first argument.

tw_cli > Enter > //hostname > show.
tw_cli show > output on new line.
* Show controller details and configuration
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Windows Subsystem for Linux Documentation

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這個看起來很好玩的樣子,先book mark 起來

Kuebernates Persistent Volume

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Linux Bonding

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What is the expected life of an APC UPS battery?

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在APC 的廣告email發現了這個訊息,貼在這邊當作自己的memo.

Q:What is the expected life of an APC UPS battery?

A: All APC batteries should last three to five years. Below are some guidelines to ensure optimum life expectancy:

-> 這還真的只撐了三年

1. Make sure that the APC UPS battery is kept in a cool, dry location with plenty of ventilation. Ideally, the temperature where a UPS is kept should not exceed 75° F (24° C). Also, for ventilation purposes, leave roughly one to two inches on each side for proper airflow.

->這點大概沒有達到吧,台灣的夏天,室內應該也有30°C吧~晚上是會開冷氣,因為我也受不了那麼熱。 Read more »

APS Smart UPS 掛點

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sua1000.jpg在server 掛點之後,某天凌晨三四點,UPS 警鈴大作,我迷迷糊糊的起來,看到replace battery 的燈亮了,這樣也合理,呼應了之前server掛點的徵兆。


這次,真的要來好好的備份資料了,準備了3ware SATAII PCI-E 2port 作Raid 1 mirror, HD選的是Seagate Barracuda® ES ,另外獨立用主機板的SATA cable 掛了一個HD 每天跟Raid 1 作rsync。

每個月再把資料用DVD-R 備份起來。

B52的資料,也同時用rsync over SSH 異地備份到Leon的主機。



Linux Console 下的 BT 操作

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今天check相簿系統,在跟目錄第三頁好像有點問題,可能是在更新CentOS的時候,因為Yum dependence 的issue, 手動remove php package 的時候,造成的。